Strategies to Build a Successful Podcast - James Mulvany,

Strategies to Build a Successful Podcast - James Mulvany,

James Mulvany, founder of three successful brands:,, and, explains how to successfully create and market podcasts on various platforms.

Audio Leads Podcast
July 26, 2021

James Mulvany is the founder of three successful brands:, a complete radio station management tool,, a company that offers full service podcasting, including a platform for hosting and distribution, and, a simple to use platform that matches high profile podcasts with incredible guests.

In this episode, he explains what it takes to build a successful podcast and stay consistent. We also cover how to correctly market your podcast on different platforms so that you reach a wider audience. According to James, you should spend at least as much time on marketing your podcast as you do producing it.

Listen to the full episode to learn all about successfully creating and marketing podcasts on various platforms.


  • Podcasts should also think about recording video to repurpose their content on different platforms.
  • Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to creating a successful podcast.
  • Mapping out every season ahead of time will help new podcast creators stay consistent and slowly gain a loyal audience.

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