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Podcast mistakes and how to avoid them

Podcast creation involves many different aspects to consider. If you avoid the most common mistakes early on, your podcast will be more successful and less likely to suffer from the dreaded ‘podfade’.

In this blog, you will find -

◾ Audio Quality


◾ Podcast Promotion

◾ Content flow

◾ Guest interviews

◾ Expectation for your podcast

Rumble Studio 📖


Creating better audio production tools

Co-founder CEO of Rumble Studio, Carl Robinson and Dave Kemp had a conversation that spanned various macro trends regarding the state of audio, including the current innovation transpiring within the tools enabling audio production, like Rumble Studio.

FuturEar 🎧


Are sound trademarks the next frontier in fashion branding?

Over the past several years, fashion brands have been rolling out podcasts left and right in an attempt to reach consumers in all possible mediums, and the pandemic brought this trend to a fever pitch. So is audio the next frontier in fashion branding?

The Fashion Law 📖

Does your brand need an audio content strategy now, too?

Audio is a serious player as a channel when it comes to reaching audiences in 2021. So the question remains: Do you need to do something about that and create an audio content strategy?

Business 2 Community 📖

The audio revolution

We live in a world of information, and we often think of information in terms of sensory input coming at us. But that’s not really information. Information isn’t what we’re told; it’s what we understand.

Alex Danco 📖