Introductory Offer: Business Podcast in a Box

Business Podcast In A Box

To support the launch of Rumble Studio, we are offering a white-glove service to set up a business podcast and produce the first three episodes for only $299 (usual price $2596). This offer is only available to our first 10 customers, and expires Sept 5th.

Each episode will be a guest interview recorded asynchronously using Rumble Studio, and last around 20 to 30 minutes.

Offer includes:


  • Define your podcast theme and positioning
  • Choose your first guests
  • Pick a great name for your podcast

Episode creation & publishing

  • Structure each episode conversation
  • Write the best interview questions
  • Record and edit the interviews on Rumble Studio – (we can do this for you, and provide full training)
  • Publish your episodes to the world

Also included:

  • Post-editing for audio sparkle
  • Intro and outro jingles (or you can use your own)
  • SEO-optimized show notes for each episode, including tweetable quotes
  • Podcast artwork
  • Unlimited hosting of the audio files on Rumble. Get your own podcast RSS feed URL.
  • Submission to podcast directories (Apple, Spotify etc)
  • Unlimited use of Rumble Studio for 3 months

💳 Pricing

Introductory offer price: $299 flat fee

Includes podcast set up, 3 fully produced episodes, and 3 months access to Rumble Studio. The setup fee is waived!

This is a limited-availability introductory offer, provided at a below-cost price, for our first 10 customers only. Offer expires September 5th.

Why such a low price? Because we are pitching to investors soon. Your interest will demonstrate that businesses want to create asynchronous podcasts, and help us secure our next investment.

Usual price: $199/month for use of Rumble Studio + $1999 setup fee

☎️ Interested?

If you are ready, go ahead and purchase now.
If you still have questions please book a call or email [email protected]

🙋 Who is this for?

Businesses and individuals looking to add audio to their content marketing mix, quickly and easily.

⚡ What is Rumble Studio?

Rumble Studio is web and mobile application that lets businesses plan, record, publish and distribute audio for content marketing.

Creating audio on Rumble is 10X faster and easier than any other method. In fact, it’s as easy as writing a blog post.

Here are some podcasts recorded with Rumble:

❓ Why create a business podcast?

There are many reasons to create audio content for your business; increase customer loyalty, boost your sales & marketing, improve your SEO and more. To read more about how podcasts can help your company, read our comprehensive blog post on the topic, Why create a business podcast?.

If you’re unsure who you’ll interview, or what you’ll say, read the FAQ below.


Who will I interview?

  • Interview potential clients to add value and begin the sales conversation
  • Interview existing clients to capture testimonials, to support sales & marketing
  • Interview internal staff (product, engineering, sales, executives) to demonstrate thought leadership and support sales and recruitment.
  • Interview external thought leaders to create valuable content for your network and drive top-of-funnel traffic.

Who will ask the questions?

  • You, or someone in your company who is used to speaking e.g. a Sales manager, Product leader or Chief Evangelist
  • Or Carl Robinson, host of the Voice Tech Podcast
  • Alternatively, you could synthesise the questions using a text-to-speech model

How will I distribute the audio?

  • Audio is captured at an atomic level, in discrete question-answer blocks
  • Blocks can be automatically merged together to:
    • Create long form podcasts & flash briefings
    • Share on your existing channels (email, social, web, intranet)
    • Discoverable in podcast directories
  • Blocks can be used separately as audio FAQs and client testimonials
    • Embed on your website e.g. testimonials on your decision pages
    • Convert to video clips for social media engagement (e.g. with Headliner)

How much time does this take?

  • Very little time is needed. We help you get up to speed in just a few hours.
  • Planning and recording each episode can take less than 1 hour, thanks to Rumble’s asynchronous method.